Smile Stories

Every person and smile comes to us with a unique Smile Story. At Brattleboro Orthodontic Specialists we provide a custom treatment plan that is individualized for every person. We are excited to share these Smile Stories with you!  Each of these patients was treated by Dr. Miller.

Keene Orthodontic Specialists Smile Story Keene NH OwenOwen’s Story

Told by Owen’s mom, Kirsten

Owen first came in when he was six to correct spacing issues and have some teeth pulled. After our initial consultations we immediately felt welcomed, comfortable, and in experienced hands. Owen was in Phase I and Phase II treatment for a total of about four years.

As a mother, it was important that Owen feel comfortable with his appearance. He was a cute kid, but his smile really needed some help. The staff helped me by showing me to clean around his braces, and what to do when treatment was painful.

They made sure they worked with both me and Owen so as a team we could keep his teeth clean, and knew what was going on with his treatment. They were also very flexible to work around both our schedules.

“I started treatment when I was young, so I have grown up a lot and into my teeth. A guy has gotta look his best and thanks to Dr. Miller and his staff I think my smile is big and my teeth look great!” – Owen

Keene Orthodontic Specialists Smile Story Keene NH RachelRachel’s Story

I was referred to Dr. Miller by my dentist, and my sister had also previously undergone treatment with him. My treatment took a total of three years, but well worth it since I was so unhappy with smile before. Everyone was fun and welcoming throughout my entire experience, even during the times my adjustments hurt, everyone made me feel good. I truly felt like I was part of a family.

It feels so good now to get compliments on my smile, it has boosted my self-esteem a lot. I feel so much more confident smiling for pictures or when I meet people. Before I always tried to hide my teeth when I was talking or laughing, now I have a smile I love to show-off.



Keene Orthodontic Specialists Smile Story Keene NH DylanDylan’s Story

I was unhappy with the look of my smile, my teeth were not straight and I knew it was affecting my appearance and confidence. When my dentist referred me to Dr. Miller I immediately felt like everyone was extremely friendly and kept me informed throughout my entire treatment process. I was in treatment for roughly a year.

I use to keep my smile hidden, now I love my smile and it has opened new doors in my life because of my self-confidence. I will never hide my smile again!



Keene Orthodontic Specialists Smile Story Keene NH Danielle MichelleMichelle’s Story

I was referred to Dr. Miller by my dentist, but my sister and brother had also undergone treatment with him. I was in phase two treatment for 24 months. It was important to me to have a nice smile, I had a lot of space between my teeth that made me self-conscious.

The staff made the entire experience a lot of fun. When I wore my Ortho t-shirt and did good a job brushing I was rewarded with fun prizes.

I absolutely love my smile now and it has given more so much more confidence.

Danielle’s Story

Like my sister, Michelle I was also referred to Dr. Miller from my dentist. I was also unhappy with my smile, but for me my teeth did not line-up so I had trouble eating and chewing. It became very frustrating anytime I wanted to eat.

The staff was very helpful and kept me informed on what was being done. They explained everything, and showed me how to put on my rubber bands.

Not only am I more confident with my new smile, but I can now chew and eat without frustration!

Keene Orthodontic Specialists Smile Story Keene NH LaurieLaurie’s Story

A nice smile has always been important to me. Over the years, I noticed my teeth becoming crooked, which made me look older. Some people resort to cosmetic surgery to achieve a more youthful appearance; I opted to straighten my teeth.

After being extremely pleased with Dr. Miller and his staff when my boys needed braces, I decided to take the step and get braces for myself at 49 years old. I had always wanted to straighten my teeth. I though the time had finally arrived. From the first consultation, Dr. Miller was much more concerned about what would be the best for me as an adult considering cost, time, and comfort. They gave me three different options and after much thought, I chose the clear braces.

Within a year, my teeth looked better than ever! The process was a simple one. I achieved the desired result in shorter time than anticipated. It was an easy solution and worth every penny.

The entire staff is excellent. Dr. Miller is an orthodontist who is diligent and compassionate. This was a team effort with an excellent result.

What a wonderful experience having braces at Keene Orthodontic Specialists! As an adult, I was apprehensive about wearing braces, but Dr. Miller changed my whole perspective on orthodontic treatment. I definitely recommend visiting their offices to meet him and his caring staff. They are sure to find the treatment and method of orthodontics that works best for you!