Smile Shuttle: Meet Jill Watkins!

[picture_frame source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1093″ align=”left”]  My name is Jill Watkins. I have lived in the Keene area since 1995, my first job in Keene for Nissan of Keene in the parts department. In 1998 I married my husband, Leon who owned his own business in Keene, Leon’s Auto Center located on lower Main Street. I worked at the auto center in a variety of roles over the past fifteen years, including parts and service, administrative work, and shuttle driving. After owning the business for twenty years, Leon took an early retirement and sold his business.

Together we have three children. The oldest, Danessa is my step-daughter who lives and works in Chicago. My daughter, Kaylee is in her junior year at UNH, and our youngest, Owen is in second grade.

I look forward to working with the patients, their parents and the team at Keene and Brattleboro Orthodontics. I will be checking in with you the evening before your appointments to assure everyone is on schedule and that no changes need to be made.

Learn more about our Smile Shuttle service.

KOS-Jill with car

Back-to-School: Brushing Travel Kit Ideas

We know continuing to brush your braces during the school day is not as convenient as being home during the summer. As you begin to prepare, we found some great ideas for making your own locker or backpack brushing kit to make cleaning your braces easier and stylish while back at school.

We would also love to hear about your tips for fitting in your cleanings during the school day, and if you do create one of these kids please share a picture.



Red Sox Contest Winners

Thank you to all our patients who submitted their Red Sox Spirit Selfies in our summer Red Sox contest. We hope you had as much fun as we did with this contest. Congratulations to Noah who won the four Red Sox tickets with 343 votes! We had three runners-up from each location who won a Red Sox tee.


New ProSeal Sealant

Dr. Miller and his team know that keeping your teeth clean while wearing braces can be challenging and more time consuming, and while it is the patients job to continue to conduct good oral hygiene methods, it is our job to find products we can use to help protect your teeth and decrease your chances of damaging tooth enamel. We are excited to now start using ProSeal, a fluoride-containing sealant which helps prevent decalcification of tooth enamel, like “a suit of armor for your teeth.” While this is not meant to replace brushing and flossing, when combined with these methods, it can significantly decrease your chance of damaging tooth enamel while undergoing orthodontic treatment.